Introducing Bootpack Digital

We are a small group of passionate creators trying to make a difference. We value quality deliverables and human interaction. People are who we are, who we build for, and who we work for.

Who are we?

Headshot of Michael Bonner

Michael Bonner


Michael started Bootpack Digital in 2019 as the next generation of a freelance business he started in 2006. Michael has been building websites since he was 16. What started out as a fun thing to do became a livelihood. Michael has worked at several different companies, including managing a development team for 5 years.

Why the name "Bootpack"?

We're from Utah, so a lot of our lives revolve around outdoor sports. Sometimes when you're skiing you need to unclip and hike your way to find fresh snow. To get there you can follow a boot pack, which is where other hikers have hiked up a steep section. The boot pack helps make the journey easier. That's where we come in; our goal is to help you, and your business, get to the next level. We've spent years laying a solid boot pack, now we can help you get there.

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